WIF Board Election 2012 - Nominations

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election-small-webNow is the time to nominate candidates for the 2012 Women In Film Board of Directors.  The complete election procedures and time-line are detailed below.  This year we will be conducting our election primarily through on-line voting.  If you prefer receiving your election materials through conventional mail, please contact David Kay at 323-935-2211.  We are also contacting all members who have opted out of our e-mail mailing list and sending them instructions through conventional mail.

The Board of Directors (BOD) has selected a Nominating Committee (NC) for the Election of the 2012 WIF Board of Directors.  The Nominating Committee members are:  Bill Harris (Nominating Committee Chair), Beth Bohn, Jane Fleming, Hannah Minghella, Gayle Nachlis, Elizabeth Raposo, Cathy Schulman and Shelby Stone.

Rules for Nominations:  The NC shall nominate candidates for Directors and present such nominees to the Board for approval.   Each nominee must be a WIF member in good standing for at least the preceding three (3) years.  The Board may waive the three year requirement in specific circumstances if, in their discretion, such waiver will serve to promote the goals of the organization.

A person(s) not nominated by the NC for a Director position may petition to be considered for inclusion as an independent candidate (“Independent”) on the ballot.  An Independent must submit to the Nominating Committee Chair of the corporation a petition signed by at least two per cent (2%) of the members of record as of 10/10/2011 endorsing the nomination as a Director (1,101 members x .02 = 22 names).  The Nominating Committee must receive such petitions by 5:00PM Pacific Time on 11/11/2011 in order for the independent to be considered for inclusion on the ballot.  If an Independent submits a petition after such date, the Independent shall not be entitled to be considered for inclusion on the ballot; however, the Independent may at her/his sole expense mail a notice to members asking them to write in her/his name as a director on the ballot.  Petitions must include the following information about the active member signers:  a legibly printed name, a contact phone number, a contact e-mail, and a signature.  Petition signers should be told to expect a verification phone call to validate their signatures.  Petition signers who do not verify their signatures before 5:00PM on 11/18/2011 will not be counted towards the Independent's totals.

Ballot Distribution & Counting:  By 11/21/2011, the BOD shall distribute to the membership of record as of 11/18/2011 a ballot listing the Board’s slate of candidates for the BOD and any Independents who qualify for inclusion. The members shall vote for as many Directors as the number of positions subject to election that year; the ballot shall instruct that all ballots must be received no later than 5:00PM on 12/16/2011 to be counted.

Member Notification: The NC shall count the votes on 12/16/2011 and the Board shall notify the membership of the results by 12/19/2011.

Following are the steps and timeline for mailing:

Nominating Search Begins 08/15/11
Nominating Committee Meets 09/09/11
Board Approves Nominees 10/10/11
Independent Petitions Deadline 11/11/11
Board Approves Final Slate
Petition Signatures Must Be Validated By 11/18/11
Eligible Voters Must Be Active Members On 11/18/11
Slate & Ballot Sent to Members 11/21/11
Deadline for Voting/Ballot Returns 12/16/11
Ballots Counted 12/16/11
Member Notification of New Board 12/19/11

Submit Independent Petitions to:

Bill Harris, Nominating Committee Chair
Attn:  Independent Petitions
c/o Women In Film
6100 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 710
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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