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Solving gender inequality with cutting edge and results-driven programs and research.

We believe that gender parity is only possible when decision-makers change culture and policy, and hold themselves, their teams, and their businesses accountable for its implementation.

Our advocacy work ranges from research and integrated strategies for companies to improve their parity practices, to founding the only entertainment industry-focused Help Line for survivors of sexual harassment. We’ve launched social media campaigns to raise awareness of women’s work and issues pertinent to the screen industries, and our ReFrame Stamp for gender-balanced productions serves as a mark of distinction for film and television.



Founded and led by WIF and Sundance Institute, ReFrame is an initiative that employs a unique strategy, a peer-to-peer approach, in which ReFrame Ambassadors engage with senior industry decision-makers at over 50 Partner Companies to implement ReFrame programs. The initiative’s goals are to provide research, support, and a practical framework that can be used by Partner companies to mitigate bias during the creative decision-making and hiring process, celebrate successes, and measure progress toward a more gender-representative industry on all levels.

Hire Her Back

COVID-19 is both a public health pandemic and a socioeconomic crisis; data from past crises show that women and people of color are impacted disproportionately in such situations. They tend to be laid off first and hired back last—and often at a salary level lower than their previous earnings (and lower than their male counterparts). We are committed to preempting this potential outcome by forgoing our Annual Gala in 2020 in favor of raising awareness for industry-wide action with the Hire Her Back social media campaign, and a fundraiser to support grants for women whose livelihoods in the screen industries have been adversely affected by COVID-19.

For Your Consideration

Hollywood is all about “for your consideration,” but we think it’s about time to consider inequalities in the industry. As productions restart, if you’re hiring, consider hiring a woman. Period.

Help Line

The WIF Help Line is an integrated program offering resources and support—including referrals to pro bono legal services, sliding-scale therapy, and free support groups—for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment or misconduct while working in the entertainment industry. Our trauma-informed staff responders take calls from across the country. Pro bono attorneys are available for callers in California, New York, and Georgia. Local mental health and emotional support services currently serve the cities of Los Angeles, New York City, and Atlanta.

The Help Line is made possible thanks to a grant from ViacomCBS. WME generously provided seed funding for the Help Line. Operations are supported by Greenberg Glusker.

Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity (TTIE)

TTIE is a consortium of working TV writers spanning experience levels and backgrounds and working across various segments of the television industry. TTIE is committed to increasing inclusion and improving working conditions for all writers, in particular those from diverse backgrounds.

TTIE is a grantee of the Pop Culture Collaborative and a collaborative project of WIF.


Since 2013, we have partnered with top academic institutions, Pepperdine University and the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, to commission and conduct research into the key obstacles to gender parity in the screen industries. This work has led to the foundation of ReFrame and been part of the foundation of an ACLU action to expose and combat gender discrimination. Our latest project, Entrepreneurial Pathways, will encompass research into the paucity of funding for female-led companies, and create tools and resources for women to raise capital.


Gender equality and diversity do not just happen. Without deep systemic change in the industry and a real commitment to equity in film finance, distribution, and marketing, the bleak trend of women’s work being snubbed for awards recognition—which can dramatically impact career prospects—will continue. This campaign highlights the hundreds of women contenders each year who should be in the conversation for awards.



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